What makes BRM different?

(it’s because we actually care. No really we do – read on)

BRM is different for a number of reasons.

We think that stems from the fact that BRM was born out the back of a bike shop.  Built by a real bike rental operator.

With BRM you are getting a team who really care about your success, and you get to speak to real people who actually understand the bike rental industry.

But BRM is also different because it’s the only dedicated bike rental management software.

Want tangible examples?

Explore the diagram on the right to see why we really are different – not just some meaningless words on a website.

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We care about your success.

We want you to grow with us.  9/10 of our first clients are still with us.  8 years later!


reasonable costs.

we don’t take a percentage of your bottom line!

Online Booking

online booking is free!


BRM is all about workflow.


We talk to bike-shops!

We visit them.

All the time.


You’re not on your own with BRM.

Learn from industry best practice.

Learn from our experts.

helping you grow your rental business