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What Competition Will You Face in the Cycling Tourism Market?

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Strategies for Success in the Competitive Cycling Tourism Market

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As cycling tourism continues to gain momentum across Europe and North America, it represents a unique intersection of health, leisure, and environmental consciousness. With their scenic landscapes and rich histories, these regions offer ideal settings for this growing trend. This blog explores why countries in these locations stand out as top destinations for cycling enthusiasts and how businesses can carve a niche in this competitive market, mainly focusing on the role of bike rentals.

What Makes Europe an Interesting Market to Target for Cycling Tourism?

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Europe remains a prime destination for cycling tourism due to its diverse landscapes, well-maintained cycling routes, and rich cultural heritage. The continent’s commitment to sustainable travel makes it appealing, with dedicated cycle paths and highways offering extensive itineraries through scenic areas and historical sites. The popularity of cycling in Europe is evidenced by its significant economic impact, with billions of cycle tourism trips contributing substantially to the local economies annually.

Europe’s appeal as a prime destination for cycling tourism is manifold:

  • Diverse Landscapes: Europe offers a range of cycling routes to suit every taste—from the gentle hills of the French countryside to challenging mountain paths in the Alps.
  • Rich Cultural Heritage: Cyclists often enjoy routes that weave through areas steeped in history, offering a cultural immersion unlike any other form of tourism.
  • Developed Infrastructure: With its well-established cycling trails, signposted routes, and cyclist-friendly services, Europe is well-prepared to welcome cyclists of all skill levels.
  • Environmental Awareness: The continent’s growing commitment to sustainability aligns well with the eco-friendly nature of cycling, making it a preferred activity for the environmentally conscious traveler.

Home to several prominent cycling destinations, Europe accounted for over 30% of global bike tourism revenue, according to Coherent Market Insights’ report

What Makes the American Market Attractive for Cycling Tourism?

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The American cycling tourism market thrives, especially in regions known for natural beauty and adventure opportunities. Routes often include major national parks and landmarks, such as the Pacific Coast Highway or the trails around the Appalachian Mountains. Like Europe, the U.S. has a growing commitment to eco-friendly travel, with a significant increase in sustainable and adventure tourism. The U.S. businesses are well versed in using online platforms and social media to engage potential tourists, particularly Millennials and Gen Zs, who value unique and environmentally conscious travel experiences.

According to a recent Statista survey, Americans plan to spend around $632 on giving experiences this holiday season, a surge that cycle tour companies are prepared for.

Developing a Cycling Tourism Product

When developing a cycling tourism product, creating unique experiences that cater to various preferences, such as leisurely rides through vineyards or challenging mountain trails, is essential. Offering packages combining cycling with cultural, gastronomic, or relaxation experiences can distinguish your offerings in European and American markets. It’s crucial to ensure routes are well-signposted and supported with the necessary infrastructure to enhance the overall tourist experience.

Creating a successful cycling tourism product involves several strategic steps:

  • Identifying Target Audience: Understanding the needs of different cyclists—be it families looking for a leisurely ride or adventure seekers on the hunt for a thrill—is crucial.
  • Customizable Tour Packages: Offering personalized experiences can significantly enhance the appeal. For instance, combining cycling tours with gastronomy experiences or historical visits can attract a broader audience.
  • Partnering with Local Businesses: Collaborations with local eateries, accommodation providers, and cultural sites can provide a more holistic experience to tourists, thereby enriching the cycling package.

Grand View Research's Cycle Tourism Market Size, Share & Growth Report further solidified that this trend is here to stay, revealing that in 2022, the global cycle tourism market size was up to $117 billion.

How to Be a Cycle-Friendly Business

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Being cycle-friendly goes beyond just providing rental bikes. It involves offering comprehensive services like secure bike parking, repair stations, and tailored services such as shuttle transportation for cyclists and luggage transfer between stops. Furthermore, aligning with sustainability goals can attract environmentally conscious cyclists, emphasizing your commitment to preserving the cycling routes and surrounding nature. For businesses, particularly bike rental operations, becoming cycle-friendly will improve attractiveness:

  • Amenities and Facilities: Providing essential services such as bike repair stations, secure storage, and rental options can make a big difference.
  • Staff Training: Training staff to offer cycling tips and assistance with route planning can significantly improve the customer experience.
  • Accommodation Features: Adjustments such as flexible check-in/check-out times, laundry facilities, and nutritious breakfast options cater specifically to the needs of cyclists.

Through What Channels Can You Get Cycling Tourism Products in the European and American Markets?

Marketing your cycling tourism products involves:

  • Leveraging online platforms/forums
  • Partnering with local tourism boards
  • Participating in travel and trade shows

Building a solid online presence with engaging content, social media ambassadors, and real-time customer service can help capture the interest of potential tourists. Collaborating with other businesses along the cycling routes can also provide mutual benefits and enhance the overall tourist experience. Digital platforms, like, are crucial for visibility, especially in the American market, where online engagement is significantly high.

The cycling tourism market in Europe and North America is ripe with opportunities but comes with its share of competition

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For businesses looking to enter or expand within these markets, it is crucial to differentiate their offerings and understand the needs of their target audience. Bike rentals, in particular, play a pivotal role in this ecosystem, providing the essential link between mobility and tourism. Businesses can compete and thrive in the vibrant landscapes of European and North American cycling tourism by focusing on becoming cycle-friendly and using strategic channels for market entry.

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By adopting these insights and strategies, businesses can leverage the growing trends of cycling tourism to create memorable and sustainable experiences for travelers, setting themselves apart in a competitive market. For more detailed insights and specific data points, refer to the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) reports on market entry and potential for cycling tourism in Europe and consider similar market research data for the American market to tailor strategies effectively.

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